Cerrato Semi-cured sheep and cow cheese 3 kg....

Cerrato Semi-cured sheep and cow cheese 3 kg. approx.

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Cerrato Semi-cured sheep and cow cheese 3 kg. approx.


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The Cerrato Pastora Red Label Semi-cured Cheese is your usual cheese, made in the prestigious Cerrato Cheese Factory, in Baltanás (Palencia). Its high content of sheep's milk provides a balanced, aromatic flavor with character.

Curing: 35 - 104 days

TASTING: Balanced flavor, highlighting a fair acidity and harmonic aromas. In the most cured, hints of vanilla appear. Excellent harmony between flavor and texture. Granular, with high butteriness, good solubility and a pleasant sensation during chewing. Residual taste of medium intensity to aroma of sheep and cow milk.

Cerrato Pastora Semi-cured Cheese is endorsed by the prestigious World Cheese Awards: Gold medal in 2012 and Bronze medal in 2014.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk (min. 50%) and cow's milk (min. 40%), salt, rennet, stabilizer: calcium chloride, preservative: lysozyme (derived from eggs) and lactic ferments.

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