Galician mussels in brava sauce

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Galician mussels in brava sauce

Producer: Conservas Gálica.

Product: Mussels in brave sauce.

Fishing Art: Aquaculture in floating parks (Bateas) in the Ría de Arousa.

Origin: Galicia (Spain).

Ingredients: Mussels, tomato, sunflower oil, onion, salt, sugar and spices.

Denomination of Origin: Galician Mussel: Yes.

Presentation: Classic recyclable brass container, covered in cardboard box.

Net Weight: 111 grams.

Drained weight: 65 grams.

Capacity: 120 Ml.

Nutritional Value per 100 grams: Energy value 466 Kj / 111 Kcal., Fat 5.9 gr., (Of which saturated 2.2 gr.), Carbohydrates 4.0 gr., (Of which sugars 0.6 gr.), Protein 10.5 gr., Salt 1.4 gr.

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