Codesa gold series anchovy fillets...

Codesa gold series anchovy fillets 190 g.

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Codesa gold series anchovy fillets 190 g.


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Codesa gold series anchovy fillets 190 g. LH-195, 30 fillets approximately, anchovy 100% of the Bay of Biscay.

The Gold Series is made with Bocarte / Boquerón from CERCO fishing acquired in the fishing ports of the Cantabrian Sea in the months of April and May, where we select the best items for their size and freshness, After being cured in MARINE SALT during an average of one year in the winery and have its optimum point of cure, our phytotherapists elaborate in an artisanal way the appetizing fillets that will finally be covered by AO of first quality in a wide range of formats of HIGH QUALITY.

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